On Tuesday, December 17, 2019, the immigration authorities introduced a new procedure for non-residents to file applications. The process described here is no longer valid. The content of this website will change shortly. You can complete your order and you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how the new process works.

The NIE number is one very important document in Spain and difficult to obtain. We have organized our service the most comfortables way for our non resident customers.

Follow this easy steps to obtain your NIE number the  in 3 minutes:

  1. After you submitted our online application we will sent you your personal data pre-completed forms (mini-authorities, EX-15 application form)and short instructions by e-mail to which you must then just print and sign.
  2. Pack this signed forms and the original passport (or overlegalize copies of passport with hague apostille)
    in a solid envelope and then choose then the comfortable UPS Express shipping options (we send you the UPS waybill via mail).
  3. Either you bring the shipment at a UPS service point in your area or phone to coordinate the pick of UPS in a place of your choice.  Usually we receive your documents here in Spain within 24 hours of delivery / pick up by UPS air express.
  4. Then we will inmediately present your application at the authorithies. Of every step we will report you  and sent you a constant update!

Carefree NIE number service
We have designed service that the applicant does not even have to travel to Spain or create expensive notary powers, thereby saving money.

The NIE is a Spanish identity (as an identity document, but without photo).
The NIE number is not issued to easily. As part of the application is reviewed in advance whether the applicant in Spain or Europe (Interpol) was noticeable.

This is the reason why Simple photocopies of the identity cards are not sufficient!
Concerning the correct procedement the application of the NIE number must be submitted with Spanish certified copies notary of the passport.

As an alternative to the original passport you may concern an international legalization with the Hague Apostille. This is a international standard in between governements. For this you would have to do in advance some official procedures in your country.

Otherwise, the Spanish police rejected the request.

Because our customers usually have no interest in the complex procurement of the Hague Apostille, we have developed a specific approach and save the customer time and hassle.

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We take care of every step

With the normal procedure we organize here in Spain certified copy of a spanish notary from your original card making (if you have not sent the copy of your passport with the Hague Apostille). Once we get the certification of your passport, we do not require your passport ans send it directly back to you with UPS Express. This means you must ultimately forego only 2-3 working days to your passport.


Which service package is the right one for me?

We like to explain you 2 of our services

PREMIUM service package

is calculated with 189 € per person (plus shipping fee € 29 for 2 way UPS Air-Express.) and includes the following service:

We provide specially a employee from who will:

1.) mail you 3 pre-completed Spanish forms. You just have to print it and to sign where indicated.

2.) submit your application in person within 24 hours * at the Spanish National Police

3.) personally asks every 2 days of the current processing status of your application!

4.) once we have received the NIE certificate, we immediately scan it and mail it to you.

* You will receive a proof (receipt stamp of the authority) that your application is delivered within 24 hours!
Please note that we can not influence the processing time of your application with the National Police.


STAR PLUS Advanced Service for homebuyers

If you will have to pay taxes in Spain (for example, buying property, buying a car, buying a society, etc.) we can provide you with a SECOND SERVICE.
The NIE tax numbers are issued “inactive” by the Spanish Interior Ministry.
If you are going to pay Spanish taxes as non-resident, you should activate (recommended) your NIE number within 3 months after the issuance of the NIE Certificate.
We are happy to take care of this activation in “one go”.

The service package STAR PLUS includes the services of the package PREMIUM with additional activation of your NIE number at the tax office and will be charged 249 € per person.

To order, simply fill the online form http://smart-nie-number.com/apply-nie-number/

We will then initiate the application process of your NIE number within hours.


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Why do you work with UPS Express?

UPS Express is a realiable and fast parcel service for original documents that works in all modern countries. You will find a lot of acommodations (for example: Shedule with ‘my UPS’ the delivery in a time frame of 4 hrs.).

Why is the original identity card required?

Since the Spanish police is the issuer of the NIE number in Spain they  check if the applicant has been criminal in Spain or Europe (Interpol check). So simple photocopies of the identity cards is not enough…  you will not certified copies of a spanish notary, alternatively this procedure

When will I receive my passport back?
Approximately 2-3 days after receipt in Spain we will send you the card again with UPS Express back. This is precisely the time we need to be on site at a Spanish notary make a legitimation (notary copy) here in Spain.

Must it be a passport or an identity card sufficient?
Which document submitted for the application you is up to you. As long as the document is still valid, that is absolutely sufficient for the application to the Spanish police.

Can I send identity papers anyway?
We know that the delivery of the card is a sensitive issue, but a purely legal point which it is an entirely normal process. The identity documents belonging to the citizens, not the state. Therefore, you can freely decide if you ship your identity document. (see also alternative Hague Apostille). Visa offices for travelling the world work on the same basis, this is no different with

How long does it take for the authorities to process the application?
The processing time of the Foreigners Authority cannot be influenced. Applications are processed strictly upon date of receipt.
Normally the processing by the authorities takes only a few days (approx. 3-5 working days), and in the summer months June to August between 2-4 weeks. In the summer this is due to an increased demand for NIE numbers and holiday periods of the public officials.

It is important that the application reaches the authorities as quickly as possible and without delay. Our 24-hour service is designed for this purpose. Our staff member will be present at the office every day to check whether the application has already been processed.

As soon as the NIE certificate is available, we will send you a colour scan and on the same day the original certificate will be sent to your address.


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