1 General information

The following performance and payment terms apply to all orders issued tax number Spain. Other conditions shall not contract even if we do not expressly contradict them.Regulations deviating any of these terms and conditions only apply if they have beenconfirmed by us in writing.

2 service
Our offered services include the review of filed tax numbers Requests for formal completeness in terms of the requirements of the competent Spanish authority. The decision on the approval of the application by the customer control number is at the sole discretion of the Spanish authority. SMART SERVICIOS can not guarantee the issuance of the tax number to the applicant.
The substantive examination and / or (legal) advice is not subject of the contract! We assume no responsibility for its accuracy and / or completeness of information issued by us.SMART SERVICIOS reserves the right to leave the job completely or partially to a third party. TAX NUMBER SPAIN reserves the right to reject any application without giving a reason, but will inform the interested parties.

3 Conclusion
Upon receipt of your passport / passports together with the order form, through which you give the company. CONTROL NUMBER the order to file your SMART SERVICIOS application to the respective authorities and thus its Terms acknowledge as the basis of the service contract, is considered the order to be granted.

4 Obligation to Cooperate
The applicant is required, may furnish the missing or incomplete documents and so contribute to the processing of his application. If the applicant fails to notify in case of incomplete information or documents despite repeated request from SMART SERVICIOS , so his records of the cheapest mail will be sent back and SMART SERVICIOS shall not be liable for any loss or damage.

5 processing times

Incoming orders are processed according to priority. It lies submit the application documents correctly solely the responsibility of SMART SERVICIOS. Unforeseen delays of various kinds can not be entirely ruled out. From the client set deadlines, therefore are for us only a non-binding advice without legal significance. The decision to grant the NIE NUMBER meets the relevant authority in Spain, the company GET NIE NUMBER as the contributor of your application has no influence. On special request, documents can be processed by Express. For this service, an additional fee is payable.

6 Liability
The service of SMART SERVICIOS includes the following services for the applicant: acceptance of documents, scrutiny, forward the complete dossier to the competent authority and the transmission or delivery of documents to the applicant.
We promise a decent and conscientious execution of your order. However, since all decisions about acceptance, approval or rejection of the control number in Spain lie with the competent authorities, we can in principle take any responsibility for the success of your order. Likewise, we do not assume any liability for provided information. These decisions are not subject to judicial review, especially not before a German court. If a delay in the dispatch of documents by the Spanish authorities have been caused, SMART SERVICIOS can not be held responsible or liable for damages.
We expressly disclaim any liability or responsibility for the compliance with any time limits, regardless of the significance of this for you or your order.

6.1 Damages event of defective performance
The liability is limited to € 100 per applicant should documents that were forwarded to SMART SERVICIOS, are lost or damaged. If the completed documents lost in the mail on the Applicant or damaged, then SMART SERVICIOS is liable for damages with exactly the sum which receives as compensation SMART SERVICIOS by UPS or by the appointed courier service. Out of fairness, and without any legal obligation without admitting liability SMART SERVICIOS is ready to refund in such cases, a portion of the replacement cost, but a maximum of 100 €.

7 Privacy Policy
With suspended the business relationship, the data of the client, which can also be personal, internally stored and processed for the execution of the contract as required manually or in an automated procedure. The transmission of data to third parties shall be exclusively in the case of necessity for the execution of the order. SMART SERVICIOS committed to observing and complying with the provisions of applicable data protection laws.

8 Jurisdiction
The applicable law is Spanish law and jurisdiction is Palma de Mallorca in Spain.

9 Final Determination
If any provision of these Terms and Conditions be or become invalid invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

We are trying with all our available resources and information, with performance or design of this site is not to infringe the rights / rights of third parties or legal regulations. If you think this should be the case at any point, so we ask for a message free of charge. We guarantee that the complained about will be immediately removed or adjusted without the intervention of a lawyer is required on your part. All offers without prior contact costs, we completely reject and file a counterclaim for violation of said provisions.


Daniel  Pires