The Spanish law allows to present the application of the tax number Spain through a authorized service providers. A specially for this case created special power of attorney, avoid the applicant to appear in person at the Immigration Office (“extranjeria”) or National Police (“policia nacional”).

Estimated completion time for the tax number Spain
Filling out the form is less than 3 minutes.
After receiving your documents we will return your spanisch ID within approximately 10 days.

Will there be hidden charges?
No. Our prices are all included spanisch VAT. All costs will be informed before you contract the service.

What does the NIE number Spain look like?

The tax number for Spain is an A4 document with personal data and a stamp of the immigration office. The control number for Spain is no identity document, but always present in addition to the identification.

How long will the tax number for Spain is valid?
The tax number Spain is issued only once and is valid beyond death. We therefore advise you to keep the original well. The certificate (the print) is valid for 3 month.

Power of attorney tax number Spain

A power of attorney is a document in which a person passes an authority to a third person. In the special power of attorney to apply for the tax number Spain they only give power of attorney to apply for the tax number Spain.