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NIE number Spain can assist you in all Spanish authorities transitions. The biggest advantage to apply for the application, through our office is that you do not need Spanish language skills and the processing times are reduced significantly, since we have direct access to the immigration office in Spain due to our license. As an applicant, you thus save yourself the long queues at the police stations and the immigration office. You can use our service both before and after the take to travel to Spain to complete. As for the application of the NIE always Original documents must be presented, it is necessary to send these if required by post. Tax number with Spain works with notarized powers of attorney and copies of the documents that a personal appearance on your part superfluous.

Why do I need an spanisch N.I.E. tax number in Spain?

  • if you are buying /renting a house or apartment in Spain
  • if you want to open an spanish bank account
  • if you want to start an economic activity
  • if you want to work in Spain
  • if you want to study in Spain
  • if you want to contract telephone or internet contract
  • if you want to contract an insurance
  • if you apply for a spanish mortgage 
  • if you will inherit in Spain
  • if you will trade more than 3000 euros in Spain.

What is the spanish NIE number  (N.I.E. „número de identificación de extranjeros„) ?

The NIE is a Spanish tax identification number which is assigned by the Spanish authorities foreigners. The tax number for Spain is a requirement to buy a property in Spain to obtain a real estate financing, or to start a business activity in Spain.Whether they intend forever or only for a short time to live in Spain, you must first qualify for the receipt of the tax number Spain.According to Spanish law book in March 2012 it is possible to control the number Spain without compulsory attendance in Spain through an approved company („gestoria“) applied for. For this, you must give a written power of attorney and send their identity card or passport (alternatively Hague Apostille) to Spain.

How does the nie number look like?


The N.I.E. Number (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) is the counterpart to a control card of Spain (DNI Documento de identificación). The NIE number in Spain is the identification number for anyone who is not a Spanish citizen. EU citizens and non-EU citizens get N.I.E. Numbers issued. The NIE number is not a tax resident identification, ie You can have a Spanish tax number, but continue to have your tax residence in another country.