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The decision has been made: You are going to live in Spain: in whole or in partial and now you need a NIE number, quickly and preferably before you even arrive in Spain.

Without a Spanish tax number nothing will work in Spain: real estate purchase / sale, rental contract, employment contract (season), all property purchases from 2,000 euros, etc. For everything that goes beyond the holidays, a NIE number is required. Click here and order the NIE number!

Spain- off we go

Start with a good feeling in Spain – we take care of all details and formalities

Without a NIE number your start in Spain will automatically be delayed. Deadlines and agreements cannot be kept.

  • Your real estate purchase should be completed on the desired date, but without a NIE number you will not get an appointment from the notary.
  • Your future employer will not conclude a contract with you without a NIE number.
  • You will not get the rental apartment, because you are not allowed to sign a rental contract without a NIE number.
  • You don’t have time to travel to Spain for the administrative process.
  • You have time, speak enough Spanish, but the appointments at the office are not available.
  • … without a NIE number there are a thousand problems and obstacles to participate in Spanish life
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The good news is, once you have a NIE number, these problems disappear into thin air. The NIE number remains the same for life and can be used universally throughout Spain. The NIE number is similar to a universal “customer number” in Spain and is recognized by the municipality, utilities and all private operators. You will see that the NIE Number simplifies your life in Spain.

how to contact us:

📞 +34 971 571 044

Monday to Friday 6:15 to 9:15 h, Weekend 8:15 to 7:15 h

For any assistance on getting your NIE number please feel free to call (+34) 971 571 044 or write to us info@smart-nie-number.com:

Do you want to receive your NIE number in an uncomplicated and secure way?
Then you are in the right place. You save time and a personal appearance before the Spanish authorities by letting us apply for your NIE number from the comfort of your home.

🔵 This is possible because we have special powers as tax consultants in Spain and can make registrations for you, such as registering your NIE number with the tax office.

🔵 submit NIE number applications daily and you will receive your NIE number the same days after your appointment.

To make the process as convenient and time-saving as possible for you, you can instruct us to apply for your NIE number.
The advantage of submitting the application through us is that we process NIE Number applications on a daily basis and you will receive your NIE certificate within a shorter time.

Once issued, you will immediately receive a colour scan and the original will be sent to your address.


  • Fill out the online form:
  • You will receive all necessary forms and information by email
  • You follow the instructions and send us the original documents

Upon receipt, we will submit your application to the authorities on the agreed date and it will be processed on the same day. Waiting times vary: In the low season it only takes a few days to get an appointment with the authorities, but in the high season it takes longer. (current information available on request). Our personal visits to the authorities ensure that you will receive your NIE certificate as soon as possible.

* Guarantee of success

A Spanish NIE number is a matter of trust and we want you to be satisfied and 100% on the safe side. We therefore offer you this money-back guarantee under the following conditions:

If the authority rejects your NIE number application or makes new requirements, you decide whether you want to take advantage of the money-back option or make adjustments.

You provide us with the necessary documents in the desired form and in complete form. No money-back: If your application is already in progress and you wish to cancel the application for personal reasons, a refund is not possible.


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