Without the identification number (N.I.E.) for foreigners all else fails in Spain. For any economic activity, whether buying a house, open a bank account or apply for a loan it is always necessary the NIE number.

Thanks to our flexible and effective procedures for years, we are the company that provides the fastest service and offers most warranty and security and therefore we can adapt more quickly to regulatory changes. Among our services we offer a 24 h Express service.


win win for everyone!
Customers of our intermediaries can benefit from a 10€ discount using the voucher*. Our partner can expect a bonus of 10% of the order amount **.

customer protection

Through our computer system we detect *** the agent that send us the lead and we will then inform the agent via email of the client registration. However the agent can inform Smart Business SC in advance via info@smart-nie-number.com .

* Register in our form to get fidelized
** If the order and payment is formalized
*** If the customer use the voucher in the ordering process
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