A misconception is that you can already participate in the economic cycle with the expression of the tax number Spain. Thus making it easy for the Spanish government to willing taxpayers not. After issuing the tax number of the foreigners authority, Policia Nacional or the Spanish Consulate’s tax ID Spain has been activated (“alta en el censo de obligados Tributarios”) are from the Spanish tax authorities.

Failure by of foreigners this last act, it can lead to penalties against him. Every time when direct taxes are due, for example, when buying a property or buying a car in Spain. Without the activation or rather activation of the tax number Spain in the tax office registers the tax can not be assigned to the taxpayer. The tax office will reject the tax payment from initially and require activation. If the taxpayer knowingly or not does not make up for this, the Tax Office will automatically initiate the call management (30% tax on base amount).

Therefore, you should as soon as possible activate your personal nie number (the printout is valid for 3 months). In spanish we call this “alta en el censo de la agencia tributaria.”