NIE number Barcelona

nie number for Barcelona
nie number for Barcelona

If you wish to apply the nie number Barcelona, read  this testimonial from Suite Life from Barcelona you are interested in definitely. The NIE number is one of the first things, what new citizens in Barcelona have to worry. Without the NIE number, anything goes in Barcelona. You need the nie number to take part in the normal life.

All beginnings are difficult, and so it is with Barcelona nie number. Once granted , the NIE number is lifetime valid in Barcelona and hole Spain. The NIE number identifies the foreigners in Spain as a unique person in front of the Spanish State.

In Catalan, the NIE number is  “Número d ‘ Identificació per a Estrangers” and in Spanish “Número de Identidad / Identificación de Extranjero“.


  • Open a bank account in Barcelona
  • sell or buy a property in Barcelona (House or apartment)
  • apply for a mortgage in Barcelona.
  • pay spanish tax Barcelona
  • start a work / employment
  • study in Barcelona
  • start a business in Barcelona
  • apply for a driver’s license


We will prepare the form so that you only have to sign and send this to you to via E-Mail. Then  GET NIE NUMBER will arrange a pick up at your place or at your work . One day later we will apply at the spanish authorities the nie number Barcelona. If you have questions regarding the process of the nie number fell free to call us on our landline +34 971 571 059. We are happy to attend you Monday to Friday 9 AM to 9 PM.

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