The application for foreigners becomes more complex

Without the identification number (N.I.E.) for foreigners all else fails in Spain. For any economic activity, whether buying a house, open a bank account or apply for a loan it is always necessary the NIE number.

For people who request the NIE not living in Spain it will get much more complex. Prior you could outsource this request to a operator, but from the January 12, 2015 is mandatory to apply in person, the foreigner must go to the office in Spain in person or make a power of attorney. In both cases the applicant’s presence in Spain is required – either before the notary or the foreigners.

This can be especially problematic when a foreigner without NIE want to sign the purchase of a property. The notary can put problems to formalize the deed of sale. Why? Briefly: Buyer without N.I.E. can not pay taxes on time (30 days). And consequently a surcharge of 5% of the tax paid time off will be generated. The reason for this policy change has been the misuse of NIE numbers by foreigners who sometimes used the number for illicit operations.


But there is a SOLUTION: We from “SMART NIE NUMBER” offer a made-to-measure, without the need of the customers presence in Spain.

Thanks to our flexible and effective procedures for years, we are the company that provides the fastest and most warranty service and therefore can adapt more quickly to regulatory changes. Among our services we offer a 24 h Express service.

For more information please contact Daniel Pires (622257333) or email info@smart-nie-number.com