How does the UPS pick up work?

We have designed our service in such a way that the applicant does not have to travel to Spain himself/herself or create expensive notarial powers of attorney, thus saving money.

We work with UPS Express to ensure fast and secure document delivery. So we have a history over the whole route to see where the package is at the moment.
Usually we receive the parcel within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).

The organziation of UPS is initated throug us. After your order you get an waybill and further informations to handle the shipping.


Why is the original identity card required?
Since the Spanish police is the issuer of the NIE number in Spain they  check if the applicant has been criminal in Spain or Europe (Interpol check). So simple photocopies of the identity cards is not enough…  you will not certified copies of a spanish notary, alternatively this procedure

When will I receive my passport back?
Approximately 2-3 days after receipt in Spain we will send you the card again with UPS Express back. This is precisely the time we need to be on site at a Spanish notary make a legitimation (notary copy) here in Spain.

Must it be a passport or an identity card sufficient?
Which document submitted for the application you is up to you. As long as the document is still valid, that is absolutely sufficient for the application to the Spanish police.

Can I send identity papers anyway?
We know that the delivery of the card is a sensitive issue, but a purely legal point which it is an entirely normal process. The identity documents belonging to the citizens, not the state. Therefore, you can freely decide if you ship your identity document. (see also alternative Hague Apostille). Visa offices for travelling the world work on the same basis, this is no different with us.

Who organized the whole thing?

The team of SMART NIE NUMBER takes care of the entire process. You only need to fill in our application form (either download to the online application or the application as a PDF). Our team will then send you an e-mail to the following:

after this we will go and prepare this papers

  • the necessary official application papers
  • a small power of attorney for the authorities
  • a UPS waybill

Print out the papers – sign – and you are done!
Pack everything together in an envelope and start the UPS delivery. The next day the documents will be delivered to us in Palma de Mallorca and we can start applying at the spanish police office.