NIE Number Mallorca

NIE number Mallorca
NIE number Mallorca

The NIE number Mallorca is a formal requirement for social, business or professional interests in Mallorca pursue. The assignment of the tax number Mallorca is organized by the Spanish Interior Ministry (Ministerio del Interior). The Tax Identification Number (NIE) in Spain is a 9-digit head number, beginning with an “X” or Y and subsequently 7 figures and concluded with a capital letter.
The nie number Mallorca identifies a taxpayer in the Spanish tax system. The NIE number is awarded valid for life.

Reasons for requesting the NIE number Mallorca are as varied as the Balearic island itself:

  • Buy a property in Mallorca
  • rent a flat in Mallorca
  • start  a job or sign a contractin Mallorca
  • Buy a car in Mallorca
  • need a home insurance or car insurance in Mallorca
  • order a phone or cell phone contract
  • open a bank account with a bank in the Balearic Islands
  • wish to study at the UIB in Mallorca (eg ERASMUS)
  • start/ settle an economic activity begin (company formation, Self Employed  “autonomo”)
  • take an inheritance in Mallorca
You can order your NIE number Mallorca in just 1 minute! Fill in your data in to this form and we will start the process as soon as possible. If you have any questions, just call our backoffice +34 971 571 059.
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